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Apple Spice Herbal Tea

Apple Spice Herbal Tea


Apple Spice is a perfectly balanced cup of spiced sweetness. With dried apple and cinnamon at the forefront, a soft and buttery addition of calendula and chamomile give this traditional flavor combination a unique depth. Topped off with a touch of maple sugar and vanilla extract, you'll fall in love with the "apple pie vibes" this tea will give you. 


Apple Spice Organic Herbs*: Dried Apple, Cinnamon Chips, Calendula, Chamomile, Maple Sugar, Vanilla Extract


Instructions: Steep on beautiful teaspoon of tea in 8 oz. of 160 degree water for 6-8 minutes. 


Servings: (Small) Approx. 25 - less than $0.50/cup. (Large) Approx. 50 - less than $0.42/cup